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Forest Trees
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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

At The School of Happiness,

We see each Child as a Sacred Being

who needs to be seen, heard and valued.

We see each Child as a multifaceted Being

bearing the seeds of transformation for our World.

We give them a voice,

Empower them in bringing their gifts forward

Exploring and learning about life with a caring & holistic approach.

A child's wish

A child's wish FOR website.JPG

A child's wish

Mum, dad, teacher...Look at me, I am eager to learn!

Will you guide me?

"I have a mind. Help me understand the power of my thoughts. Let me think for myself.  Teach me ancient wisdom and new technologies."
"I have a soul. Help me stay connected and remember my gifts. Let me explore life, the Universe and all that picks my curiosity..."
"I have a heart. Help me understand my emotions and my intuition. Help me create harmonious relationships with myself and others."
girl in a tree.jpg
"I have hands.
Let me create.
Show me art & crafts.
Teach me the practical things of this world. Show me how to grow food, how to cook and everything else that is useful!"
"I have feet. Take me to feel the ground, climb trees. Let me move, develop and learn to take care of my body and of the planet."

At The School of Happiness, we wish to fulfil that child's wish!

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