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The first 5D School

Building New Earth

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 Teens Matter!

13-18 years old


I am no-where,

I am not a kid anymore

And I do not feel like a grown-up yet​


What am I supposed to do?

Who am I supposed to be?

​You don't seem to understand me

Who will understand me

when I don't even understand myself?


I feel lost

I feel many things

I can't explain in words

I can't explain my moods

I can't control my body


​I don't like the world I see

I don't understand it

I want to shake things up

How do I create something new?

I have so many desires and dreams…

Will you hear me out?




As the world twirls around them, today's teenagers may feel that they matter even less than before. As all eyes are turned to the international scene, who will listen to them, to their concerns , to their needs and dreams?

At the School of Happiness, we want to give them a voice so they can express how they feel about this world and what they see is needed.

We are here to listen to

what they have to say and give them their rightful space in the circle of human conversations.

We offer safe spaces for teens to express themselves, be listened to, and guided to understand who they are, understand the world around them and more...

We have regularly wisdom chats that open a space to discuss any topics.

Teens can also send a question about their situation and receive a compassionate, helpful advice from Aunty Chantal.

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At the School of Happiness, we design classes geared to specific topics that will help teenagers be more at peace with themselves and the world.

Classes topics include relationships, sex, health, money management, metaphysics, philosophy, critical thinking and more...

We are open to any suggestions of topics for classes.

Feel free to explore our classes and connect with us if you would like to suggest a new topic.