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The first 5D School

Building New Earth

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Teachers Roundtables


Are you a teacher looking to

connect with other teachers

and exchange creative ideas?

We encourage you to join our monthly Teacher Round Table where we gather Teachers, Educators from around the world to share ways to improve Education at three levels: immediate needs, systemic needs and the beliefs and values behind Education.

We look at alternatives that have been offered such as Waldorf or Montessori and interview Schools from around the world that share new ways of empowering the new generations.

This is the crucible where the latest discoveries in childhood education, personal experiences and successes are shared and can inspire others to apply new ways of learning and approaching education.


At The School of Happiness, we bring Teachers together to create projects that will make a difference in their work as Teachers and in the life of their students.

Projects include:

- Laughter Yoga in Schools

- Support for challenged children

- Changing class dynamics with physiology and more

Join our Teacher Roundtable
every last Saturday of the month.
Register in our calendar.