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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

Soul & Healing


When Children are born,

They are far more than a combination of their mum and dad.

They are Sacred Children of God,

They have a soul that might be older than You.

Children might look frail and they need our support in all ways, yet deep inside they carry the wisdom of their ancestors and all the lifetimes they have experienced across all time, dimensions, space and realities.

These little bodies host Mighty Beings full of wisdom, amazing gifts, dreams and purpose.

It is our mission to help them stay connected with their True Self*, with the Source, and nurture the gifts they are bringing.

They carry the seeds for change on Earth.

Let's honour that, respect them and support them on that path.


We are Spiritual Beings

having a Physical Experience.

We are Energy with Multidimensional aspects

that go beyond

our awareness.

my portrait 2020.JPG

New Children are coming in with information about where they are coming from and their mission on Earth. They do NOT fit into a model that tells them what to do, learn & think. They are already bringing very advanced gifts, ideas and plans and we need to make room for that. 

I have always believed in the new generations. It is time to move from a teacher student dynamic to a sharing dynamic where the two souls are exchanging what they know and exploring the next level of understanding and discovery. This is how we will grow our knowledge, get wiser and participate in the next phase of human evolution.

We look forward to supporting you and your children

on this wonderful journey called life on Earth!

Chantal Michelle

Founder of The School of Happiness

How we Help

Guidance & Healing

We support YOUTH

  • Self-discovery

  • Purpose & Meaning

  • Finding their voice

  • Connecting with their Authentic Self*

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Understanding and nurturing gifts  and abilities (includes intuitive senses such as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance & Clairsentience )


  • Understanding and nurturing gifts  and abilities of gifted children

  • How to help children in search of life direction, problem solving & healing.

  • We find the hidden underlying reasons for struggle in life ( learning, health, fitness, money, relationships, creativity and more) and clear them energetically, bringing healing and opening the doors to a better future

Each human being is a unique sacred being with wonderful gifts and abilities. We have an inner knowing of our worth when we are born. Yet through the years our mind gets conditioned and we start to forget about our uniqueness and inner beauty.

At The School of Happiness, we understand the importance of discovering our True Self *once again, to reconnect to our Higher Self*and to eliminate the limiting beliefs and programs we have accumulated over the years that are preventing us from achieving abundance, health, love, peace and joy.

* Higher Self = True Self = Over Soul = Authentic Self = It is the part of you that knows, sees, and understands at the highest level possible, while the physical part of you still continues to have an experience in the physical dimension.

Higher Self
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