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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

Samantha van Praag

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Holistic Pregnancy Coach

Natural Nutritionist & Artist

I guide women during their pregnancy

to prepare them for a natural birth, empowering them to connect with their breath, body and mind and cultivate their inner strength and autonomy.

Find out about more about Samantha...

  • Offering a pregnancy course to prepare women for a birth where Dru-Yoga, Mindfulness and Hypnobirthing play an important role.

  • Conscious and natural birthing.

  • How to introduce and connect natural foods and activities with your infant/child.

  • How to teach your infant to love vegetables, fruits & whole natural foods making those the main part of their diet.

Samantha helps with

Samantha van Praag...

  • works online and locally in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • speaks English & Dutch

  • works with pregnant women and parents to be


After my beautiful pregnancy experience and giving birth to my amazing daughter, I was deeply moved by this transformative life event and decided to make coaching pregnant women my profession. 

One of the most important things that I discovered during my journey in becoming a pregnancy/birthing coach was the remarkable power of the breath during the birthing experience.  Our breath gives us the power to take full charge of our minds, our bodies so that we can ‘’breathe’’ our babies into the world, enabling us to experience a state of calmness, acceptance, relaxation a sense of awe and peace during birthing.  The supreme importance of a women’s autonomy, sovereignty while giving birth needs to be acknowledged in order to avoid unnecessary medical interventions that can sometimes lead to complications, even traumas for both mother and baby.  

My experience, my studies are the foundation of my deep wish to help women become fully conscious and knowledgeable about their bodies during the pregnancy phase, culminating in their giving birth in order to support them in shifting their mindset so that they will be fully prepared with all the tools they need to have an independent, powerful and liberated birthing experience.


Previous to my pregnancy coach studies I completed a course in Natural Nutrition. Having become conscious of the importance of the link between what we eat and the health of our bodies, I am strongly convinced that we have the power to heal our bodies with proper nutrition. During my pregnancy, eating healthy was my number one priority in order to create the basis for my daughter´s health. It all starts in the womb. My studies have, I am happy to say, enabled me to be successful in guiding my daughter in establishing an optimal, healthy diet!  At the age of two, she has learned to love vegetables, including green juices, eats plenty of fruits and enjoys whole natural foods.  It’s truly wonderful to see how she thrives on eating in this way. 

My sincere wish is to help mothers, parents guide their infants in learning to love whole natural foods, how to prepare them and to realize the importance of avoiding for as long as possible the introduction of sugar and low nutrition foods into their diets. 

Connect with me


Nutrition consultation

One-hour US$40

Member price by donation in US$

Group Pregnancy Course (9 sessions)


Member price by donation in US$

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