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Building New Earth

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Projects and Businesses we support and recommend

Wild and free website.JPG

In 2019, I had a business of caring for children at home. During that year, I trained with the North American Montessori Center and was furthering my studies of alternative education with other personal research and reading. I fell in love with this book " The Call of the Wild + Free" by Ainsley Arment. I not only recommend the book to parents who are homeschooling , I also recommend visiting the website.


Chantal Michelle

Founder of The School of Happiness

Gozen website.JPG

Next to my training as a teacher, I have been educating myself with various programs that are aimed at helping children manage their emotions. I thoroughly recommend the work of Renee Jain, founder of Gozen. It is worth every penny!

Try it out!

Chantal Michelle

Founder of The School of Happiness

Positive parenting solutions.JPG

I am passionate about supporting children of the New Earth. I also have a sister who gave birth to triplets - three boys of the age of 7 today. As much as I love children, I know they can also be a challenge for parents. I have been researching, reading and also subscribing to many programs that offer parenting solutions to help smooth the relationship between the father, the mother and the little ones!

I might not endorse every single method offered by Amy McCready in Positive Parenting Solutions, nevertheless, there are a lot of very useful tips that can help you with your family dynamics.

At The School of Happiness, we have wonderful experienced team members who are dedicated to providing parenting strategies that work while honouring the children.

Happy exploring!

Chantal Michelle

Founder of The School of Happiness


There are very few foundations I have trusted over the years. In 2017 I met this amazing lady who has her heart in her hands we would say in French. Her name is Cynthia Kersey. She has put together a reliable and proven system to help ensure that every child on the planet receives access to the life-long gift of education. I support and follow her progress in Africa. I encourage you to check her work there.

About 4 years ago, I started my own Fundraising campaign for Unstoppable. This is part of my mission to help empower children all around the world! I appreciate you for stopping by and taking the time to care. I believe that if each of us brings a drop to the well, we can fill it to the full and have a beautiful impact on the lives of our brothers and sisters of Planet Earth.

Sending you my deepest gratitude!

Chantal Michelle

Founder of The School of Happiness


In 2016 I authored the book “Peace in Schools – The Way to Peace on Earth”.
I am passionate about education and I believe it’s the way to help children thrive
and become successful in life and to create a better world. My program called
RiseUp brings a new dimension to the traditional academic educational system
by integrating personal development.

I believe that if a child learns self-esteem and confidence as well as how to communicate well, respect and understand others, we can have peace in
schools and later peace on Earth.

Find out more and get in touch to offer RiseUp to your children!

Chantal Michelle

Founder of The School of Happiness

The Lemonade millionaire Stand.JPG

I met Gail Diamond at a business conference in 2017. She is a kind-hearted, children-loving lady and after a few chats with her about her business, I am happy to promote her work and recommend that you buy her book, get in touch with her to ask about training your children in money management.

Gail started introducing simple steps to her 2 and 4 yr old girls on how to make money around the house.  It is a system to learn about responsibility, money, charity and more.  As they grew their responsibilities changed and they became interested in how they could make additional money.

Kids are incredibly resourceful and they started a Kool aid stand at the horse shows that Gail held when they were just 4 and 6.  By the time they were 7 and 9 yrs old they had started a business breeding bunnies…and doing very well...

Learn more.

Chantal Michelle

Founder of The School of Happiness

The biggest little farm.JPG

I watched the movie “The Biggest Little Farm” for the first time on Netflix. I was so moved that I spread the word around me as soon as it was finished.


I recommend watching this documentary with the whole family. It is a beautiful story of a dream of growing organic healthy food, a story of struggle and determination to bring back to life a soil that had been spoiled by intensive farming. What will touch your heart and your soul is witnessing how over the years of effort to build this farmland, bringing back the natural elements and cycles of nature is the determining factor for success.

You and your children can watch this symphony of life, the merging of soil, weather, plants, flowers, insects, animals and humans all working in harmony like a magical big orchestra to recreate the beautiful natural cycles of life.

Simply a film dedicated to Love and Oneness in all its forms.


Chantal Michelle

Founder of The School of Happiness

le champ des possibles.JPG

I met Adeline Lefebvre in 2018 on the small island of Salt Spring,West of Vancouver, Canada. We both spent a year there. She was studying with the Wisdom of the Earth. Back in France, she created her own Nature School - Le champ des possibles.


Adeline has a deep love and respect for nature and people. She has a beautiful heart and offers a warm and down-to-earth approach in her interactions with others, especially children. She has an extensive knowledge of the environment, how to explore it, appreciate it and take care of it.


If you are in France, I thoroughly recommend her new school near Lyon.

Chantal Michelle

Founder of The School of Happiness

wisdom of the earth.JPG

Wisdom of the Earth is the Wilderness School Adeline Lefebvre trained with, in 2018 on the small island of Salt Spring, West of Vancouver, Canada. I had the pleasure to meet the team members: Jean-Claude, Alaina, Fern, Arnaud and Ingrid and share a few song circles with them. These people walk their talk and embody a deep respect for Mother Earth and her children.

A little about them:

We believe that deep connection with the natural world and a sense of belonging in community are foundational to our innate human blueprint, our original design. We are committed to providing nature and connection-based mentoring programs and experiences for all ages, to nourish and respond to the heart’s deepest longings, to draw out and nurture each person’s unique gifts, and to contribute to a regenerative culture for many generations to come.

I thoroughly recommend this school for any of their programs. (Wisdom of the Earth)

Chantal Michelle

Founder of The School of Happiness

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