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Why Screens hurt our children

Becoming Conscious About Screen Time – by Kathryn Hynds

Most of us have heard that too much TV watching is not good for children, and that children are spending too much time on cell phones and computers. But do we know why? Until we think about the “why” part of an idea, we lack conviction. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why limiting screen time is beneficial. These are some thoughts that immediately came to mind, and not at all a complete list. I encourage you to think about it and come up with reasons that are important to you.

1. EMF’s - Certain electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) are known to be harmful to the human energy field. Devices such as cell phones, computers, smart meters on your home, etc. work with frequencies that can be detrimental to your health and well being with prolonged exposure. While there are devices you can use to mitigate exposure, that’s too much to cover here. Just keep in mind that the human body is not designed to have all those EMF’s continually bombarding it.

2. Nature - Being in nature relieves stress and helps us in many ways. It gives us the natural sunlight and fresh air that our bodies and minds require for good health. Remember that we are biological beings who need our planet to flourish. Even the soil gives us probiotics to boost our immune systems, for example. Aside from the biological benefits, nature is very inspirational. Many great discoveries have been found through the study of nature. I believe one of the greatest discoveries you can find in nature is your connection with God/Source.

3. Quiet Time - When you turn off technology that is constantly vying for your attention, you have the opportunity to think about other things. Time for quiet contemplation is important. It can help us to go within for self-discovery, creativity, epiphanies. Meditation is beneficial in so many ways and requires silence and stillness. In the silence we find more of ourselves, and to know ourselves is truly the first step to living a happy life.

4. Un-Program - How can we know ourselves if we are buying into other people’s ideas and not our own? Everything that is on TV, movies, video games, etc. comes from other people. Writers, directors, artists, sound engineers, costume designers, etc. all work together to create something that elicits a response from an audience. Literally everything you see in mass media is selling you something. The news sells drama so you watch it. Sitcoms sell their version of what people are like. Educational shows for children sell their values. Mass media influences us to believe things are a certain way. To be captain of our own consciousness, we must think our own thoughts, not theirs.

5. Brain States - There are several different types of brain waves. The brain waves vary depending upon what the brain is doing. For example, in Alpha state, where Alpha waves are dominant, the person is in a restful state. Beta waves are dominant when the person is actively engaged, such as in a conversation. Other brain wave/states include Delta, Theta, and Gamma. As with most things in life, balance is key. What I’d really like you to know though, is that television, movie, etc. viewing is mostly in Alpha state, and that it’s hypnogogic (related to hypnosis). Think about that.

Limiting screen and device time is beneficial for other reasons as well. Two of the most obvious reasons are to increase time for physical activities and to increase time for parent - child interaction. Physical activity can be just for fun and social or it can be for fitness. However you look at it, physical activity is a critical part of health and well being. Just as important, is taking time to create a loving parent - child bond. Childhood is fleeting. As a parent, you are the most important person in the world to your child. Take every moment you can to play with your child, to really get to know him/her and support him/her. Your life will be fuller and your child will be a happier person. By limiting technology, we can be gaining so much more.

Connect with Kathryn Hynds to get mentorship for your family:

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