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The first 5D School
Building New Earth


Online writing event for the child (8-13 years old) and the parent Sunday Dec. 6 at 1 PM PST

Too often, children do not have a strong sense of who they are because they do not know what they truly believe in. As a result, they try to imitate the personalities and habits of other children, which may prove confusing.

At The School of Happiness, we offer many ways to support the healthy aspects of self-discovery, self-awareness and lasting self-esteem.

This online writing event offers the child and parent a unique opportunity: to discover how knowing what you believe is a pathway to becoming the one-of-a-kind individual you are.

Through listening, writing, and sharing, children ages 8-13 will ponder questions like “Do you believe in angels?” or “Do you believe your friend even when no one else does?

By the end of this event, your child will come closer to understanding what some of their core beliefs are — and how they can lead to a happy, well-adjusted life.


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