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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

Children Heaping Hands

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Are you eager to be part of an Education Revolution?

Our vision:

Create a New Earth with new ways of learning and living alongside the New Generations.

Our mission:

Offer a space for youth to blossom through the guidance of dedicated members of our School.

Children are seen as Sacred Beings, filled with inner wisdom.  

We nurture their natural gifts and we guide them to blossom as healthy, happy, fulfilled beings.

We offer a 5D approach based on teaching what matters:

Personal development, arts, practical life and Nature teachings.

We also promote their Spiritual awakening and limitless exploration of life

from metaphysics to ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for Awakened Human Beings with a Big Heart,

who want to guide children and share their experience & knowledge in any of the following areas:



  • How to understand the body and take care of it

  • How to understand and use the subconscious mind

  • How to build healthy relationship with Self and others



  • How to take care of a house ( repair, cooking, various useful/ decorative crafts)

  • How to take care of a garden ( grow food, preserves…)

  • Survival skills

  • How to take care of finances (understanding money and financial systems)

  • Outdoor activities

  • Discovery and connection with Earth, its kingdoms ( minerals, trees, plants, animals…)



  • Painting, drawing…

  • Music

  • Acting, singing, dancing

  • Photography, filming

  • Various materials to create art



  • Self-discovery ( life purpose, who am I?)

  • Connection to Authentic Self

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Nurturing and developing gifts and talents

  • HEALING for children and families (guidance, reading, energy healing…)



  • Metaphysics ( astrology, numerology, Tarot, runes, crystals,…)

  • Ancient Wisdoms ( North-American Indian medicine wheel, Egyptians, Lemurian Teachings…)

  • Cutting-edge Science and Spirituality ( the latest discoveries on the Universe and the infinitely small: protons, light and sound energy…)

  • Other….What do you suggest to explore

Are you excited and eager to contribute?

Before you contact us, here is what joining us means:

  • You get a chance to be part of a beautiful journey of supporting the children of the New Earth.

  • You become part of The School of Happiness family and have the opportunity to create new friendships from all around the world.

  • You can take part in wonderful visionary projects in various areas of life all aimed at creating a new world based on more freedom, equality and joy.

  • We do not provide you with a salary. You offer your services within the School of Happiness and keep all the profits for yourself (this requires you to have your own online international payment such as Paypal). You contribute US$11 per month to the administration of the School platforms and to support the vision. This allows you to advertise your local and online services freely as well as sharing your site/ media links.


Ready? Connect with founder and CEO Chantal Michelle at

Namaste and blessings to you,

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