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The first 5D School
Building New Earth


Motivation coach

& Fitness instructor Learning

I help kids manage their bodies and minds

and offer support to parents and teachers

to stay fit also.

Farag Ayeldin

Find out more about Farag

  • Listening to children and helping them with their personal issues

  • Helping children understand their body and mind

  • Physical fitness management

  • Workout plans for youth and parents as well as teachers

Farag helps with

Farag Ayeldin...

  • works online and locally in Cairo, Egypt

  • speaks English, and Arabic

  • works with parents, youth from the age of 6 and teachers


My name is Farag Ayeldin, I was born in Egypt, in the amazing green lands of the very well known "Egyptian cotton", and I travelled and worked in few counties in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe in these 36 years of life...until now.


I'm father of 4 amazing creatures, all different and special (with the 5th one on the way) and, maybe because of my love for children, maybe because of the feeling to serve this "stars" generation, further than my athletic career as a professional volleyball player since I was 18 (still in the court), 7 years ago I took the decision to enter in the scholastic field and experience in first line how the educational world "functions".


I'd been working as PE teacher at the beginning, spending my breaks with kids, trying to help them to solve their mates' issues or just listening to them because I felt that the position that I was in could be supportive for those that needed. I'm now the physical education and swimming department team leader in the international school where I work, responsible about organizing also events and camps indoor and outdoor, dealing with external companies or cooperating internally with the school staff...and, despite the amazing environment, openhearted colleagues and my super team, I felt that there was much more to offer and discover, something The School Of Happiness is contributing to.


During these years, I mastered how to help kids to understand their bodies, to achieve what they wished about their shape and I also performed the role of coach and instructor, all activities that I'm also offering to members with special elements, more fitting and personalized for every of your children.

I would not just organize session and workouts for the little ones but I will be there also for parents and teachers, to help them in the management of their own bodies or to assist and plan for their loved ones.

Contact me at farag.mohamed67

Free 15 min consultations

​Fees for consultations

Individual session _25€ or 400 EGP_

Group session, up to 4 kids _15€ or 200 EGP_

Individual session for adults _30€ or 500 EGP_

Group session for parents, up to 5 persons _15€ or 200 EGP_

Individual Volleyball skills session _30€ or 500 EGP_

Group volleyball skills session, up to 5 _15€ or 300 EGP_


Package of 5 individual sessions volleyball skills for kids or adults _100€ or 2000 EGP_


Individual session -> 60 minutes

Group session -> 100 minutes

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