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The first 5D School
Building New Earth


Founder of Your Spiritual Spa

Spiritual Counselor -Spirit Channel

“Way of Mastery”

Teacher & Facilitator

I share the Wisdom of the Holy Realm to assist my fellow Brothers and Sisters in reconditioning your awareness and perceptions of yourself, your life, your loved ones, and your world!


Find out about the origin of The School of Happiness

I allow myself to live peacefully and joyfully IN this world, yet not OF it- while creating the life of my heart’s desire …

I would be honored if you would allow me to assist you in doing the same! 

  • Allowing you to come to know who you REALLY are & the REAL reason you are here!

  • Making sense of our current world & the ONE & ONLY thing you can do to change it!

  • Assisting you in establishing or re-establishing relationships of all kinds!

  • Guiding and training you to re-create your world with the Laws of Creation!

  • Equipping Parents with EVERYTHING they need to teach their children (of all ages) the only authentic path to living a phenomenally successful, protected, love-filled life through the powerful cultivation of “Self – Love”!

  • Permanent Healing of past/present emotions, events, and fears!

D'Hyanha helps with


  • Works online internationally as well as locally in Long Island, New York.

  • I work with adults, teenagers (16+), parents and couples.


Hello Beloved!

I am D'Hyanha a highly intuitive and Divinely Guided channel for a host of loving Holy Beings.

I share the Wisdom of the Holy Realm to assist my fellow Brothers and Sisters in reconditioning your awareness and perceptions of yourself, your life, your loved ones, and your world!


God’s purpose through me, as me is to assist my fellow brothers and sisters who no longer are served by a dissatisfying egocentric world they see and who are ready to choose and relinquish it by “Way of Mastery”. The way Christ Jesus lived here on Earth, he continues to do now in Spirit and teaches humanity through clear, authentic channels as myself. You will know the truth of his life-changing teachings and exactly how to live as Christ Incarnate! His teachings transcend all religious dogma of any kind and focus solely on reconnecting you with the only source that can heal you heart, body, and mind. The One who created it! - your CREATOR!  Through practical – every day – in the moment practices. Here and Now!

D'Hyanha specialises in teaching:





I invite you to join me on this exquisite journey through this Earth plane in becoming a shining example to the world of who you have chosen to be! I eagerly yet humbly look forward to working with you!


A note from Jesus……

“My beloved brothers and sisters of Divine Light,

 I greet you and invite you to explore this beautiful planet from the perspective of a ceaseless creator and eternal being bathed and infused only in love. My true teachings will reveal to you how effortless life was expected to be for you, yet many of you have simply forgotten who you are and who you are eternally connected to. I as well as many others Holy friends would joyfully, gently, and permanently reconnect you with that part of yourselves.

 I give unto you the truth of my teachings, that as when I walked upon your earth plane as a man. Chose and accept my invitation to walk in complete peace and in harmony with all of creation while shining your inherent Divine light and becoming a blessing to all who are in your midst.

 Peace be unto you always.” – Jesus




Way of Mastery Course –With Personal and Direct guidance.

Individual, couple and group sessions available by appointment.

Fees upon request.

Join D'Hyanha in her livestream Divine Wisdom

each third week of the month!

Register here.

Free 15 min consultations

Private Counseling session 1 hour -Upon request. Please email me.


Couples Counseling session 1 hour- Upon request. Please email me.

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