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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

Independent Teachers & Educators


you want to...

  • Be successful at educating children independently

  • Offer a holistic heart-based education to your students

  • Create your own school startup or learning group where you empower students

  • Acquire organisational or leadership skills

  • Get adequate resources


classes for TEACHERS

The School of Happiness is here to help you acquire inner skills such as confidence and leadership, giving you the ability to guide children from a holistic and heart-based approach.


We offer Classes to help you understand your students better, connect at a deeper level and build more harmonious relationships with them.


These classes include:

  • Developing leadership skills

  • Learning to use heart-based communication skills

  • Learning to manage your time and environment

  • Finding proper resources


By truly caring for your students, you prepare them for a healthier and happier life. Thank you!


classes for children

We give you the option to incorporate some of the Classes we offer for Children in your class. By participating, not only do your students learn something new and get empowered by their new skills, as an educator or teacher, you also learn something useful for yourself and the whole class. Explore our classes:


Teacher with Pupils
Kids Reading Outdoor

private sessions

customized packages

We offer customized packages that includes:

  • Initial consultation

  • Building your personal skills of heart-based leadership

  • Practical training: Class management…

  • Monthly guidance


01 Personal skills building can include: Consultation, guidance, and clearing with vibrational medicine

02 Professional skills building can include: heart-based leadership skills and holistic class management

03 Curriculum building can include: creating holistic lessons; incorporating The School of Happiness Classes (Self-empowerment, teaching what matters …)



next step

Your next step...

Join our community platform on Mighty Network

for US$220 per year or US$21.99 per month.


See your Benefits!

Get a free consultation to design your own Customized Package.


We work with your needs and consider your time and budget.


Your package will automatically include a yearly membership to our TSOH community worth US$264.


when you join...

  • Join a supportive community of like-minded teachers and educators who are dedicated to creating an education that is more child-centred, more respectful and heart-based

  • Develop and apply practical holistic and heart-based solutions for your classroom

  • Free classes for teachers

  • Receive a monthly calendar of exclusive events for teachers

  • Invitation to exclusive events for teachers

  • This will be not only an opportunity to developed new friendships but to have conversations via our chat and during our regular online teachers' roundtable where we all share the same vision to apply a more holistic and caring way to interact with students

  • We gather Teachers, Educators from around the world to share ways to improve Education at three levels: immediate needs, systemic needs and the beliefs and values behind Education. We look at alternatives that have been offered such as Waldorf or Montessori and interview Schools from around the world that share new ways of empowering the new generations.

  • We get to hear what works well so that we can all get new insight and perspectives and build our own toolbox that helps us apply heart-based practices in our class.

  • These new practices will allow you to offer a new class environment where you and your students will feel more at ease and the day will run more smoothly. You will no longer experience feelings of being “burnt out” from your day but will feel invigorated and creative.

  • You also gain access to the RISEUP program which is designed to integrate Self-development tools for children in Schools(  I read passages) This program is a 8-key process that brings personal development in Schools addressing emotions, focus, stress management, confidence, self-esteem and healthy communication.

  • You will become confident in maintaining effective order through love and compassion, rather, than through threats or intimidation.

  • You can also join our TEACHERS PROJECTS where we get together to create projects that will make a difference in their life and in the life of their students. Recent projects include: - Laughter Yoga in Schools and - Changing class dynamics with physiology and more

  • At the end of the day, You will feel the gratifying peace in knowing you are making a true difference in our world and future because you will watch it blossom as your firsthand experience.

they say

What parents are saying

  • You brought me so many ideas! Now I know how to lead the day alongside my kids so that we all feel good and satisfied at the end of our day. T.S.

  • Learning the heart-based approach and applying it to my daily interactions [...] has changed the dynamic and has created a better relationship between all of us. So grateful for the insights! M.F.

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