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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

Are you unhappy with your current School?


is this you?

  • Are your children going to a public or private school?

  • Do you feel they are not learning the tools to thrive?

  • Do you wish to offer them self-empowerment and life skills that matter?

  • Do you prefer a holistic and heart-based approach?

  • Continue on reading!


classes for parents

We offer Classes for parents who want to understand their children better, connect at deeper level and build more harmonious relationships with them.


These classes include:

  • Developing parenting skills

  • Heart-based communication skills


By caring for your Children when they are at home, you prepare them for a healthier and happier life.


classes for children

At The School of Happiness, we fill the gaps of the traditional education system with a holistic and heart-based approach.


We encourage you, parent to join the online Classes we offer for your Children. By participating, not only do you stay informed with what they are learning, but you also learn something useful for yourself and the whole family. Explore our classes:


Happy Family
School Kids

private sessions

customized packages

We offer customized packages that can include:

  • Initial consultation

  • Designing a package with the perfect combination of classes following the interest of your children.

  • Parenting/ family communication skills to improve the dynamic of the whole family.

  • Vibrational medicine

We offer one-on-one sessions to work with you on a specific area you might be struggling with as a parent. We also offer healing sessions to help find the hidden reasons behind family issues and clear them energetically.

next step

Your next step...

Join our community platform on Mighty Network

for US$220 per year or US$21.99 per month.


See your Benefits!

Get a free consultation to design your own Customized Package.


We work with your needs as parents and children and consider your time and budget.


Your package will automatically include a yearly membership to our TSOH community worth US$264.


when you join...

  • You join a supportive community of like-minded parents and caregivers

  • You receive a monthly calendar of events and classes for parents and children

  • You get private Invitations to exclusive events

  • Access to free classes for parents, children and whole family

  • Monthly healing for the whole family

  • Exclusive Q&A spiritual guidance

  • You understand your children at a deeper level and have better relationships with them.

  • You gain useful knowledge to create healthier habits for your family.

  • You create a mutual respect as parent and child.

  • Your children look up to you as a teacher, counselor, authoritative figure, full of wisdom and heart-based guidance.

  • You are assured that your children are equipped with an education that teaches what matters in life and allows them to be healthy, safe and successful in all aspects of their life.

  • You witness how confident and capable your children are.

  • You too grow into your true being and no longer feel the need to “sacrifice” your creative gifts or life aspirations to nurture your children’s regardless of their age.

they say

What parents are saying

  • Online works great! Our three sons are learning behavioural therapy online with puppets and they love it. It is helping with their interactions at home with us and with each other. Thank you! H. C.

  • Chantal is amazing!! She has helped both me and my son overcome some intense issues. She is extremely efficient and intuitive and every time we have a session I have immediate and long-lasting relief. I love learning about myself through her expertise. S.T.

  • My son Jack and my daughter Georgia both have enjoyed learning about how their body works in a fun and educational way. Thank you! O.D.

  • Kathryn Hynds is committed to your well-being and works with you in a loving, knowledgeable, and professional way. L.S.

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