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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

School Startups & Learning Groups


you want to...

  • Lead a successful School or Learning Group

  • Offer a holistic heart-based education to children

  • Acquire organisational or leadership skills

  • Get adequate resources

  • Know where to start and how to do it all

Teacher Playing Piano


classes for parents

We offer Classes for parents who want to understand their students better, connect at deeper level and build more harmonious relationships with them.


These classes include:

  • Developing organisitional skills, leadership skills, heart-based communication skills

  • Learning to manage your time and environment

  • Finding proper resources, team building

  • How to get parents interested

  • and much more...


Group Discussion


classes for children

You may choose to integrate directly some of our classes into your new Learning Space (live or online). Explore our classes:


children laughing.jpg
Happy Children

private sessions

customized packages

We offer customized packages that includes:

  • Initial consultation

  • Building your personal skills of heart-based leadership

  • Practical training: Class management…

  • Monthly guidance


01 Personal skills building can include: Consultation, guidance, and clearing with vibrational medicine

02 Professional skills building can include: heart-based leadership skills and holistic class management

03 School Curriculum building can include: creating holistic lessons; incorporating The School of Happiness Classes (Self-empowerment, teaching what matters …)

We have your basic education covered if needed for Math and Literacy (can be added to your package)


Vibrational medicine

We offer one-on-one sessions to work with you on a specific area you might be struggling with as a parent or caregiver wanting to build and lead your own School Startup or Learning Group.

next step

Your next step...

Join our community platform on Mighty Network

for US$220 per year or US$21.99 per month.


See your Benefits!

Get a free consultation to design your own Customized Package.


We work with your specific needs and consider your time and budget.


Your package will automatically include a yearly membership to our TSOH community worth US$264.

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when you join...

  • You join a supportive community of like-minded parents and caregivers

  • You receive a monthly calendar of events and classes for parents and children

  • You get private Invitations to exclusive events

  • Access to free classes for parents and children

  • Exclusive Q&A spiritual guidance

  • You understand your students at a deeper level and have better relationships with them.

  • You gain useful knowledge to create healthier habits.

  • You create a mutual respect as leader and child.

  • Your student look up to you as a teacher, counselor, full of wisdom and heart-based guidance.

  • You are assured that your students are equipped with an education that teaches what matters in life and allows them to be healthy, safe and successful in all aspects of their life.

  • You witness how confident and capable your students are.

they say

What parents are saying

  • I was struggling and hesitating before meeting The School of Happiness team. They each gave me a lot of guidance. I found the courage to move on one step at a time. I am starting my learning group with other parents this Summer and feel confident that we will have fun and the children too. I am so grateful for the warm support I received! A.K.

  • dream of opening an alternative school seemed so far away, and now it is taking shape. The School of Happiness has brought me the clarity and organizational skills I needed to get there. I don't know how I would have done it otherwise! Many thanks! C.D.

  • I knew I wanted to help the children of the neighborhood but I didn't know if I could. I had no previous training or experience... I had a few healing sessions with Chantal to clear any doubts and limiting beliefs that were holding me back, as well as a weekly private consultation and two parents classes. The package was way more affordable than I thought and worth every penny! I recommend working with The School of Happiness! M.G.

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