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The first 5D School
Building New Earth


A Holistic, Heart-based Education

That teaches what matters in life

& truly Empowers


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01 About



02 Mission

Our mission is to help teachers,
parents empower the new generations,
so they can plant the seeds of a new Earth,
with new paradigms of learning and living.

03 Philosophy

The 6 Pillars of The School of Happiness

04 Service


Parents &


Disappointed with the School System?

You homeschool your children


You want to create your own School


You are looking for resources of alternative classes for your children

Teachers &


Bored & Tired of the traditional curriculum?

You want to change the School System from within.


You want to create your own School

Youth 6-12
& 13-18


Bored & Tired of School?

You are curious about Life

You want to learn what matters

and what you are passionate about

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iris patterson profile.jpg

Iris, School Teacher

She calls on The School of Happiness team to offer live and online alternative classes to her students. We are bringing personal development lessons into the Traditional School System to empower the new generations.

Jacki and Johannes.JPG

Jacki, Single mum

Jacki doesn't wish to send her son back to School. The School of Happiness is helping her design Her Nature School with a group of other mums.

Megan Murray photo.JPG

Megan, Homeschooler

Megan is struggling with homeschooling management. The School of Happiness is designing a plan to help her communicate better with her children and learn how to make lessons holistic and fun.

05 Stories

06 Is this For You?

07 Next Steps

What You Can Do Next:

1. Subscribe to our Newsletter

Never miss our events for parents, caregivers, teachers and educators where we help you create a happier, more supportive and caring environment for youth. You also receive news on our latest support material for young children and teens.

2. Try our community platform

For US$21.99 a month - First month Free- you can join our family on a private community platform where you will meet like-minded people. You will get access to useful resources, support and new perspectives around education and the creation of a New Earth for and from parents/ teachers/ caregivers/educators and young people.

Your membership includes access to exclusive classes, free group events, free group coaching, free group healing and Q&A and much more...

How do you become a member? Click here.

3. Get a free consultation

We listen to your situation, your dreams and help you build your project. We look at your specific needs, because you are unique and your project is unique! We work around your available time and budget to help you move forward as efficiently as possible.

Contact us to get your free consultation with no obligation:

When you get a customized plan, it includes your membership to our community platform.


We look forward to meeting you and building a New Earth and a new kind of Education alongside you and your family and students!

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