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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

Rossella D'Eufemia

Holistic Pedagogist

My passion is to help children

discover their inner nature

and express their feelings through sensorial activities, divination arts and movement.

Find out more about Rossella...

  • HEALTHY BODY - Gaining consciousness about the interaction between emotions, mind, body and spirit; body language and messages; the connection between food, colours, shapes... and energy & more.

  • HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP - Within the family but also between friends, with various mentors, teachers and reference people in the children' daily life: investigating good and bad dynamics, offering ways to improve and thrive.

  • HEALTHY MIND - "Playing" through activities related to the "creator role" in our existence.

  • Focusing on the children natural talents,working on and going beyond any  limiting beliefs.

  • Reinforcing children inner emotional and spiritual structure.

Rossella helps with

Rossella D'Eufemia...

  • works online and locally in Italy

  • speaks English, Spanish & Italian

  • works with youth age 


I was born in southern Italy, near Matera, and I've been travelling the world, living in different places, experiencing different cultures and implementing my studies and work experience in several, exciting and fulfilling ways. The core of my education revolves around holistic pedagogy and principals of natural medicine coming up beside para-scientific sciences, with further business applications (independently studied).

I've been working with kids in a variety of fields and through my experience, I have found how much children need to express their spiritual and esoteric abilities in a fun but conscious way.


Finding the TSOH reality and being part of this amazing community and staff is one of the most pleasant gifts I've received. The values and principals we share and believe in, further than new perspectives to offer you and your children, lean me to present you different services in groups activities and one to one session where we will discover their inner nature through sensorial art and movement. Each group session or one to one meeting will be inspired by a different divinatory art such as astrology, numerology, tarot, in harmony with rune and Ching techniques, and combined with the principals of quantum physics and alchemy.


Through a variety of activities such as collage, creative projects with recycled material that you would easily find in all your houses, writing real-life short stories and creative tales, children will be encouraged to express their feelings through artistic methods. Creative body movement and acting will also be introduced as a way for them to get in touch with every part of their inner and outer selves. Parents are welcome to join and participate, upon their children agreement, or we can also arrange a complimentary session to analyze and discuss any topic, doubt or just to support their children's discoveries.

Connect with Rossella:

Free 15 min consultations

Fees for educational online session

One-hour education US$40

Member price by donation in US$

5 sessions package US$180

Member price US$150

10 sessions package US$310

Member price US$280

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