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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

Chantal Michelle

Founder & Chairman

Educator - Vibrational Medicine

I designed RiseUp for educators to include personal development in class.

I design Holistic Syllabus for schools.


I share knowledge about the body, mind and emotions in a fun & accessible way for children.


Gifted Healer for children and family issues.

Find out about the origin of The School of Happiness

  • Healing for children and families

  • Support with anxiety

  • Specializes in confidence & self-esteem

  • Understanding how the body works

  • Understanding emotions

  • Understanding the subconscious mind

  • Qi Gong, Yoga and chair fitness

  • RiseUp for Educators, bringing personal development into classes

Chantal helps with

Chantal Michelle...

  • works online and locally on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

  • speaks English, French, Spanish & some German

  • works with parents, youth from the age of 10 and teachers (RiseUp program)

  • offers healing for all

my portrait 2020.JPG

Visionary educator & spiritual healer, I’m always learning about human potential.


My passion is to empower children by healing any past trauma and limitations they may carry and showing them how powerful their minds, bodies and hearts are.

(Healing for children)@

I have a knack for connecting with young people. The world around can seem hard to understand and overwhelming. My gifts consist of simplifying complicated concepts of life and using stories and analogies to help children make sense of the world and their place in it.

( For instance, I offer A Course In Miracles for children to free their mind)

Born in the South of France, I travelled the world and lived in seven countries, learning a few languages and discovering different lifestyles and philosophies along the way. I have been in Education for more than 20 years. I am also an eternal learner of Life and have trained in many types of coaching, energy work, healing as well as massage and nutrition… My passion is to share what I learn. I published books on Wellness (Seven Keys to Rejuvenate), Education (Peace in Schools - the way to peace on Earth) & relationships ( How to choose the right guy).


In 2017 I founded The School of Happiness, a place to empower the children of the New Earth. I have been in support of children in many capacities for 30 years.


I strive to support my community wherever I go with various wellness classes, Qi Gong, Laughter Yoga (, chair fitness ( & Spiritual healing (@healingcircles2018).

In 2016, I created RISEUP , a child-centred, heart-based education aiming at teaching children to return to the source, to our true human nature and respecting Mother Earth. RISEUP develops the true potential of children by helping them understand how their body, mind and emotions work. They build self-esteem & confidence, learn healthy communication and respect, the ingredients for a world with a higher level of consciousness!  

( and

I look forward to meeting you and your precious little ones!

Free 15 min consultations


Fees for healing session

One-hour healing US$60

Member price by donation in US$

5 sessions package US$270

Member price US$240

10 sessions package US$510

Member price US$450

Healing testimonials

Free 15 min consultations

Fees for educational online session

One-hour education US$40

Member price by donation in US$

5 sessions package US$180

Member price US$150

10 sessions package US$310

Member price US$280

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