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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

Cathy Hoheisel

Intuitive Mind Healing

"All healing is essentially

a release from fear."

I intuitively facilitate Byron Katie's "The Work" together with the principles of A Course In Miracles to empower adults and youth to bring peace and healing to their own minds.


Find out more about Cathy

  • Empowering you to bring Peace and Healing to your own mind.

  • Guiding you in slowing down and questioning your mind to find its peace through facilitation of "The Work" along with A Course In Miracles Principles.

  • Assistance in understanding and applying A Course In Miracles Principles

  • Discovering your purpose and what it means to Love yourself

  • Saying Goodbye to guilt and Hello! to Love and acceptance

Cathy helps with

Cathy Hoheisel...

  • Works online through zoom and locally in Princeton, Minnesota, USA

  • Speaks English

  • Works with adults and youth


My strong passion is empowering myself and others to bring peace and healing to our mind.

I do this intuitively through facilitating Byron Katie's practice called "The Work" and weaving the principles of A Course in Miracles into the practice.


Lately, I am feeling a very strong nudge to share more of what I have learned through my years of studies and guide others to their truth and inner power that is theirs to claim. 

I believe our main purpose here is to Love what we think are the unlovable parts of ourselves. The parts we tend to project out and blame on others. Once we understand more of just what love is and that we are that love life becomes easier and much more enjoyable and the dream gets happier and happier. 

Throughout my life, I have held a variety of "jobs" from Tax Preparer to Entrepreneur but my main passions have always been my family and being what I would call a spiritual seeker. My deep inner seeking led me to "A Course In Miracles" and Byron Katie's "The Work".  I have been studying and practicing both for over 15 years. 

I come from a large family and have 9 siblings (which was a very interesting projection) and  I'm also a mother of 3 beautiful adult children who have blessed me with 9 amazing grandchildren. 


As my studies continue I am being guided to pursue courses in channelling which I am very excited about! I'm told my intuitive abilities are about to expand. 

Connect with Cathy dickcathyh@

Free 15 min consultations

Mind Healing Facilitating Sessions

One-hour session US$40

Member price        US$30

3 sessions package US$110

Member price         US$85

Each session is 60 to 90 minutes

Sample Session of The Work with Cathy

Are you a parent who wishes to homeschool your children or create your own school?

Yet you are unsure of your parenting or leadership skills. You are missing some tools.

The School of Happiness is here to help you acquire inner skills such as confidence and the skills for leadership,

as well as the ability to guide children with a holistic and heart-based approach.


In this session, Jacki is a single parent who wishes to open her own school - a heart-based Nature School.

Yet, she doesn’t feel ready to cope with being in charge of many children, as she doesn’t feel good enough as a parent to start with. The School of Happiness offers to help her in this adventure.


After listening to her needs, we begin with a session of THE WORK with Cathy Hoheisel to help her discover some core limiting beliefs systems that need to be addressed. This session will be the first step before receiving Vibrational Medicine with Chantal Michelle to erase those core negative beliefs from her subconscious and help her move forward with confidence in her project. This video is an extract from this session.

Book your own session of the WORK to discover your own limiting beliefs that are preventing you from offering the best interaction with children: dickcathyh@

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