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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

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Heart-based Education




Empowering the New Generations
Teaching what matters




What is The School of Happiness?


We are transforming...

...we teach

…to Empower the New Generations

 Create a New Earth

with new paradigms of Learning & Living

Online works great!

“Our three sons are learning behavioural therapy online with puppets and they love it. It is helping with their interactions at home with us and with each other. Thank you!"

Helene C. France


Giving Voices & Support to


What is a 5D School?

We are shifting from a 3D worldview to a 5D worldview

With higher levels of consciousness & higher frequencies on the planet

This changes everything…

Let's work together to create a New World from the ground up.

Because we are at crossroads…




The homeschool population had been growing at an estimated 2% to 8% per annum over     the past several years, but it grew drastically from 2019 to 2021 in The United States.


I’m not a fan of subjects taught at school. I like to teach my kids how to live, survive, be empathic, how to respect all beings and how to love themselves.The subjects at school are from 3D and we won’t need this anymore. As an adult I never needed Math or History... Never. I needed as a single mum to know how to be strong, patient, how to love myself and how to cope with situations and be ready!

Nothing that school taught me has been useful and I remember I never liked to be ruled and obliged to study something I didn’t ask for.


Things like cooking are skills that aren’t taught to children in education settings and so as a society we have become so reliant on the system to provide our basic needs.

How we teach
why we teach.JPG

Schools so far...

We have been trained to become obedient citizens, workers at the service of the economic machine, and to be good consumers.

This way of education or domestication has made us dependent and assisted.

Let's revisit why we teach children!

We teach them because we want them to be empowered and to become independent.

We teach them to bring their unique gifts and talents forward.

We teach them AND they teach us by showing us new perspectives.

We explore the world and life together.

That is how we grow together.

Knowledge and discoveries happen synchronistically and organically.

This is how we will create new ways of learning and living together!

how we teach.JPG

Learning doesn't have to be boxed in.

Science is evolving.

Discoveries are being made every day!

What we knew about being human and about this planet is changing.

Let's bring back the fun in learning.

Let it be about exploring and being curious about life.

Teaching goes both ways.

It is more about about collaboration and sharing.

As educators, we can share what our life experiences have taught us.

Let them bring their fresh eyes and fresh ideas.

They are old souls and carry the seeds of change for a better world!

Lockdown has brought a lot of questioning for parents about education. More and more parents are unschooling or homeschooling.

Small communities are coming together to transform education.

Teachers are gathering to offer more caring class environments.

An education revolution is on its way!

Let's quit the paradigm of competition.

Let's be inclusive!

Let's bring back cooperation and solidarity.

Let's reconnect with nature and with each other. Nature brings us all back into balance and harmony.

There, all differences are erased.

what we teach.JPG
Human beings are unique and sacred.
They are complex creatures.
They are multifaceted and simply amazing!
A child deserves to have a holistic education.
An education not just based on the intellect.
We are capable of so much more.
We are highly creative and resourceful.
If given freedom and adequate support,
children will amaze us with their contribution!
Let's give them the tools to thrive!
At The School of Happiness, we fill the gaps of the traditional education, integrating personal development at the heart of our mission.
We offer practical life training, art and crafts as well as anything outside the box that will pick a child’s curiosity, from exploring the ancient wisdom and metaphysics to the cutting-edge of human discoveries in science and technologies, and more...
Happy Children

The School of Happiness in a nutshell

When asked

”what matters the most in life?”

most people's answers fall into one of these categories:
   Health, Relationships, Prosperity and Fulfillment.

Yet hardly any of these essential bases of life are taught to children at school. The School of Happiness was born with the intention to fill those gaps in the traditional education systems by empowering children to:

- Be healthy by understanding their body and how to take care of it (nutrition, movement, self-care techniques, sexuality, energy healing…)

- Build harmonious relationships by understanding their emotions and how to reach a state of inner balance
(emotional guidance system, breathing techniques…)

- Enhance their mind by understanding the power of their subconscious (mindfulness exercises, tapping, law of attraction…)

- Develop their gifts and talents, aligning with their authentic self (meditation, entrepreneurship & prosperity training…)

The school encourages a return to the source, to simple things and includes learning to reconnect to the Earth, the respect of the environment and learning to grow your own food.

We are a growing team of "guides" from around the world bringing a fresh vision for education, eager to share our knowledge and offer interactive online sessions as well as local events worldwide.


The Origin of The School of Happiness...


The School of Happiness - The Mission

Our values

Growing together

New Learning Paradigm

Children who don't fit

Honouring Your Child's pace

A Return to Nature

Respecting Your Child's Soul

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