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The first 5D School
Building New Earth


Holistic Teaching & Learning

I help teachers, parents, and children create holistic teaching and learning experiences.

Learning from Nature

Self-empowerment with A Course in Miracle

Barb Fritz

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  • Creating holistic teaching and learning experiences

  • Meaningful discussion of biology, nature, physiology and health

  • Guidance with A Course in Miracles Principles

Barb helps with

Barb Fritz...

  • works online and locally in Rochester, Minnesota, USA

  • speaks English

  • works with parents, youth from the age of 10 and teachers


I have been an educator for over 25 years. I have seen many instances that show we need transformation and a new paradigm for how we help our children learn, and how to be open to what they offer us. My Master's degree is in Biology. I have been practicing a more holistic approach to teaching by incorporating aspects of mind, body and spirit in classroom activities. I can help teachers, parents, and children create holistic teaching and learning experiences. Two things I love are being in nature and learning from her, and sharing how what we do and say to ourselves and others affects our bodies, our mind, and our spiritual growth. I love making learning fun and relevant.

I have also been A Course in Miracles student for many years. I intuitively and actively integrate its message of love and self-empowerment, and encourage becoming open to different perspectives when I interact with any group. Something I have recently been practicing is guided meditation, especially around grounding oneself to Mother Earth.  

Free 15 min consultations

​Fees for consultations

One-hour US$50

Member price US$30


5 sessions package US$180

Member price US$120

10 sessions package US$310

Member price US$250

Free 15 min consultations

Fees for guidance ( Nature, Health, ACIM…)

​ One-hour US$30

Member price US$20


5 sessions package US$120

Member price US$ 90

10 sessions package US$270

Member price US$ 190

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