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The first 5D School
Building New Earth

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Our mission is to help teachers, parents and children of the new generations create a new Earth, with new paradigms of learning and living.

We are heading towards a new kind of education where public schools will offer a more empowering environment for children and many other children will be home-schooled, learning online and from nature

Chantal Michelle - Founder

                           A Warm Welcome to

Who is The School of Happiness for?

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The School of Happiness in a nutshell

When asked

”what matters the most in life?”

most people's answers fall into one of these categories:
   Health, Relationships, Prosperity and Fulfillment.

Yet hardly any of these essential bases of life are taught to children at school. The School of Happiness was born with the intention to fill those gaps in the traditional education systems by empowering children to:

- Be healthy by understanding their body and how to take care of it (nutrition, movement, self-care techniques, sexuality, energy healing…)

- Build harmonious relationships by understanding their emotions and how to reach a state of inner balance
(emotional guidance system, breathing techniques…)

- Enhance their mind by understanding the power of their subconscious (mindfulness exercises, tapping, law of attraction…)

- Develop their gifts and talents, aligning with their authentic self (meditation, entrepreneurship & prosperity training…)

The school encourages a return to the source, to simple things and includes learning to reconnect to the Earth, the respect of the environment and learning to grow your own food.

We are a growing team of "guides" from around the world bringing a fresh vision for education, eager to share our knowledge and offer interactive online sessions as well as local events worldwide.

The Origin of The School of Happiness...

Children who don't fit

A Return to Nature

Honouring Your Child's pace

 Respecting Your Child's Soul

Online works great!

“Our three sons are learning behavioural therapy online with puppets and they love it. It is helping with their interactions at home with us and with each other. Thank you!"

Helene C. France

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