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The first 5D School
Building New Earth


 We Are a New Earth Community

offering Local & Online support

Unschooling * Homeschooling * Parenting

Are your children different?
Having trouble understanding them?
We are here to offer insights and answer your questions!

Our first physical school is opened on Vancouver Island

Want to experience a calmer life and gain increased confidence in guiding your child?

Listen to Nany Gilette who teaches parents and others effective strategies to support out-of-box children. She shows a better way of parenting and experiencing parenthood through intentional parenting. Her method is focused on parents using a proactive approach vs. reactive response.

Nancy Gilette is  a Relationship Development Intervention Consultant. She supports families with children/teens with Autism and other special needs.

What do you need help with?
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Struggling with Homeschooling?

We are here to help
Curriculum & Guidance

( what do I teach and how?)

We believe in sharing what matters in life: creating & maintaining relationships (respect, communication skills, conflict resolution, self-esteem and confidence), taking care of the body, developing an independent mind

and much more...

Woman on the Street
In a Lavender Field
Mother and Child

Ask Our Team

Let us share with you....

We are a team of dedicated human beings gifted in many areas who cherish the vision of bringing up free-spirited, healthy and thriving children. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Our aim is to get together and bring forth our personal and professional insights and experience to offer new and helpful perspectives.  

Use the contact form above to ask your question on Homeschooling, Parenting or New Earth Teachings. The answers to your question will be posted on our community board which you can join for free here:

  Higher Guidance

Intuitive answers

If you are struggling and would like to receive Higher Guidance to understand what is really going on in your family, at school, for your children, send your question here or join us live. Maureen and D'hyanha welcome you every month on a livestream to give messages from Spirit and from the Starseed children so we may understand better where we are at and what is at play both in the world and in our personal life. Find out about our next livestream here.

Use the contact form above to ask your question which will be answered during the Livestreams. The replays will be posted on our community board which you can join for free here:

A la Carte

Customized Homeschooling

What would your children like to learn?

There are many reasons parents choose to homeschool their children. Once your children are under your care for their education, you can find many curricula to buy online. If however you are not finding what you'd like in them, let us know!

We are a team of dedicated people with a wide range of skills and knowledge in many areas. We are preparing online modules on various topics and would like to hear from you. What would be useful for you? What are you interested to learn about as a parent and what are your children curious about that we could help them with?

Use the contact form above to send us a request. We will get back to you soon after.

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